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Blaithin Swatch

October 23, 2012

In May, Kate Davies introduced her Blaithin and Blaithin Junior Cardigans. You can find them here.

I immediately liked them both, but was more taken with the Junior because the sweater design for the yoke wasn’t interrupted by a change in colour. I thought about making the adult version in a similar way.

I ended up taking graph paper and coloured markers (I know, so non-techie of me) and I worked through some colour combinations with paper swatches.

I finally decided on the colour combination Kate originally used.

I just tweeked the pattern a little bit.

I have to say I’m really pleased and can’t wait to see what happens as I continue knitting. My next class, at the Working Hands Fibre Arts Studio with Venessa Bentley, will be in December, so once I finish the sleeves this project will be on hiatus for a little while…waiting for December.

I know there will be lots of opportunity to wear it…even if finishing the project is delayed for a while.

You can see the finished version on Ravelry here.