Local Fibre in Fashion

August 27, 2015

In just a week or so I will begin my second year of the Fashion Design Diploma Program at the University of the Fraser Valley.  (My intake is the last one for the diploma program as it morphs into what may possibly become a Business of Fashion Degree.)

My goal in taking the program was to develop my understanding of textiles, garment structure, drafting and construction methods as well as collect a myriad of other useful tools under my belt. What I will do with these skills is still up for debate and is something I am constantly thinking through…though I have some ideas I will share at some later point.

One of the program requirements during our second year is to develop a collection of three cohesive complete outfits that will be part of a runway show at the end of April 2016. (An aside – here is my dress from first year, and here is my woven cardigan.) Though my ideas haven’t been vetted yet, the collection I hope to be create will focus around using natural fibre, with a goal to source as much of it locally as possible.

One day this summer I spent an afternoon in Langley, with shearer Johanna Walker, skirting some fleece.

Fleece   Bagging Fleece

Over the summer I have collected some alpaca and Romney fleece, as well as some local Romney yarn.  I have gotten as far as washing and carding the alpaca and am currently spinning it into a one-ply that I haven’t decided will be either woven or knit. I will update as I can.


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